Who Are Famous Artists From Panama?

Three notable painters from Panama are Guillermo Trujillo, Roberto Lewis and Alfredo Sinclair. Trujillo, born in 1927, and Sinclair, born in 1915, are known internationally for their work. Lewis, born in 1874, is perhaps best known for his expansive murals that feature the island of Taboga.

Panama is also home to famous female artists. One of them, Brooke Alfaro, paints the people of Panama, with a focus on those who are less acknowledged by society and financially struggling.

Groups indigenous to Panama also produce fine art. Many of them produce Tagua nut carvings, which are usually of animals who live in the rainforests of Panama. The Tagua nut comes from palm trees that grow in these rainforests. Indigenous groups also make cocobolo wood statues. Some of the most famous indigenous works of art are the blouses made by the Guna people, and woven baskets from the Embera-Wounaan tribe.

Panama also has a thriving contemporary arts scene featuring well-known Panamanian photographer Sandra Eleta, and the work of artists from around the world.

Panamanian literature is less well known, but Ricardo Miro is the country's most lauded poet. Rogelio Sinan is also a prominent literary artists known for writing novels, short stories, plays, and poetry.