What Are Some Familiar Grade School Songs?


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Some familiar grade-school songs are "Fifty, Nifty United States" and "This Land is Your Land." Another familiar grade-school song, "It's a Small World," focuses on the similarities between different groups of people around the world.

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Charles Raymond Offenberg wrote "Fifty, Nifty United States" to use on a Perry Como television show. The song's lyrics include a list of all 50 states, sung in alphabetical order. The song also talks about the 13 original colonies that preceded the United States. Lyrics say that each state contributes a special quality to the United States.

Woody Guthrie wrote "This Land is Your Land", another patriotic song that grade-school children often sing. The song says that the United States is both "your land" and "my land," all the way from California to New York. The lyrics then talk about traveling within the United States and enjoying the large sky and the golden valley. The sun, wheat, dust and fog all remind the singer that the land is for everyone.

Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman wrote "It's a Small World." The lyrics say that the world contains laughter and tears as well as hopes and fears, and because of all we share, people around the world should realize that the world is small. There is only one moon and one sun, the song goes on, and even though mountains and oceans separate people around the world, smiles still signify worldwide friendship.

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