How Are Fairies and Pixies Different?

fairies-pixies-different Credit: altrendo images/Altrendo/Getty Images

Pixies and fairies are both types of mythical creatures in human folklore and literature, but fairies derive from locations around the world, while pixies are considered beings native to Northern Europe, particularly England and the Scandinavian countries. Pixies and fairies appear in many books, works of art and even television shows and movies. Pixies and fairies are typically shown as minuscule creatures, but have different physical characteristics that set them apart.

Fairies are found in folklore and romance movies and novels. They are commonly depicted as small females with human-like qualities. Fairies are small in stature and are typically cheerful, caring and kind. They often have long hair, slender builds and have hair and clothing in several different shades of green. Fairies typically dwell underground; they are shy and somewhat introverted and make their homes in simple natural settings such as underneath trees and stones. They are often youthful in appearance and attractive, and may be involved with human affairs.

Pixies, like fairies, are often short and can also have benign dispositions. More often, however, they are depicted as sly and cunning beings. While fairies resemble adult women in appearance and behavior, pixies often appear more childlike in appearance and mannerisms. They may pull tricks on people and sneak around living areas, snatching goods and livestock as they go.