What Is "Fahrenheit 451" "Burning Bright" About?


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"Burning Bright" is part three, the final part, of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451." In this part of the book, the firefighter protagonist, Montag, loses his home for salvaging books. Montag's boss Beatty, who believes strongly in the inherent danger caused by books, forces Montag to burn down his own house.

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Montag ultimately retaliates against Beatty by killing him. He subsequently becomes a wanted man, hunted down by a Mechanical Hound while he seeks refuge in the house of his friend Faber. Montag is falsely presumed dead during the Mechanical Hound's hunt, and finds secret companionship in Granger, leader of the Book People. These individuals have memorized the words of famous works of literature, and keep the stories alive. Montag is with the Book People as their city is destroyed in the distance, and they resolve to rebuild humanity and improve it with the wisdom of literature.

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