What Factors Influence Movie Star Salaries?


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Factors that influence a movie star's salary include that star's previous salaries, gender and the movie's budget, as of 2015. Negotiations also sometimes affect salaries, and stars are able to get higher salaries. In some cases, stars willingly accept lower salaries for personal reasons.

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A movie star's previous salaries are one of the factors that affect future salaries the most, along with the success of that star's movies. A star of successful movies is able to command high salaries. However, if a star is in one or more movies that aren't successful, he may have to take a lower salary in future movies. Male movie stars tend to receive higher salaries than female movie stars. Acting accolades, such as Oscars, tend to have little impact on a star's salary.

The movie's budget limits the salary of its stars. If a movie doesn't have a large enough budget for a particular star, one common option is giving that star a percentage of the movie's gross. The star may also accept a lower salary if he wants to be in the movie. For example, Jonah Hill accepted a salary far below his typical earnings to be in "The Wolf of Wall Street" because he wanted to work with director Martin Scorsese. Stars sometimes accept roles at below their usual salary between higher paying roles so they can make money and act in lower-budget projects they like.

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