How Do You Face Paint a Mouse?


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The easiest way to paint a face to look like a mouse is by applying a base coat of gray paint to the face and then adding details such as whiskers, a nose and teeth. You need application sponges, fine tipped paint brushes, and gray, brown, black, pink and white face paint to create a mouse face.

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  1. Apply a base coat

    Apply a thin layer of gray paint to the face using an application sponge. Apply the paint to the entire face starting underneath the chin and going up to the hairline. Carefully dab face paint on the eyelids. About.com recommends letting the paint dry completely before using more paint.

  2. Add details

    Dip the corner of an application sponge into the pink paint, and gently dab it on the tip of the nose. Dip a paint brush in black paint, and carefully outline the tip of the nose. Mix white and black paint together to create dark gray. Dip a paint brush in the dark gray paint and paint several dots underneath the nose. Try painting the dots toward the sides of the mouth and not directly underneath the nose. Dip a paint brush in black paint, and draw whiskers coming out of the dots.

  3. Add tufts of hair

    Mix gray and white together to create a light gray. Dip a paint brush in the light gray paint, and draw tufts of hair at the top of the forehead and on the cheeks. Detail the tufts of hair by adding a couple of lines of black paint.

  4. Create teeth

    Paint the lips black, and let them dry. Paint two white rectangles in the middle of the lips starting at the top of the lip and ending at the bottom of the lower lip. Allow the rectangles to dry, and outline them with black paint to create teeth.

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