Is the F/A-37 Talon Featured in the Movie "Stealth" a Real Aircraft?


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The F/A-37 Talon from the film "Stealth" is not a real aircraft. It was designed for the film; however, the Talon does include characteristics of a number of real-world aircraft.

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The swept-forward wing design closely resembles the X-29, a NASA test aircraft first flown in 1984. The lack of a tail stabilizer is similar to the design of a number of unmanned technology demonstrators; for example, the X-45 and the X-47 both lack tails. The variable geometry wing resembles a similar design patented in 1999 by Northrop Grumman. The pulse detonation engine technology featured in the film has been part of aeronautical research for decades, although a test aircraft using this kind of engine did not fly until 2008. The filmmakers used these real-world design features to create a plausible, but fictional, aircraft.

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