How Do Experts Predict Winners for Golden Globes?


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While the specific methods for predicting the winners of the Golden Globe Awards vary between experts, many combine personal knowledge of the entertainment industry with factual analysis of critical reviews and total profits for each entry. Many experts also conduct their own research on industry trends to make predictions.

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One of the main aspects of an expert prediction for Golden Globe winners is studying the general attitude of the entertainment industry, including movie studios and executives as well as public opinion and media reports. A high amount of critical attention for specific movies, actors and TV shows can be an indication that they are likely to be nominated or win an award. However, this does not always hold true; many critical and commercially successful projects are regularly ignored at the Golden Globes. The experts thus rely on their individual understandings of the landscape to choose the most probable winners.

Many experts also take into account outside factors as they make their predictions. For example, if a TV show is in its final season, experts may feel it has higher odds of winning an award because it is its last chance for recognition. Similarly, if a director is frequently denied a nomination or a win, experts may feel he is less likely to be chosen to win.

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