What Are Some Exhibits at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens?

Exhibits at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens include a display of Japanese paintings, a collection of Japanese tattoos, traditional and contemporary works of Japanese art, bamboo basket collections and origami displays, as of 2015. The Morikami Museum features exhibits and collections that change regularly and pay tribute to Japanese artists, craftsmen, notable figures and the nation's history.

Exhibits at this museum may include paintings and handmade crafts. One artist whose work has been showcased at this museum is Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikatini. Mirikatini is a survivor of World War II but tragically lost many family and friends during that war. He represents scenes of war through his artwork and touches on themes of discrimination and loneliness.

Visitors may also see exhibits merging traditional Japanese customs with contemporary life, such as a display of Japanese tattoos. Traditional tattoos embody cultural values and symbols that are sacred to the Japanese; when executed properly, these tattoos are considered works of art.

Another exhibit visitors may see is Japanese basket weaving. The history of woven baskets dates back thousands of years in Japanese society. Originally, farmers and fishermen used these baskets to store and transport goods, hold flowers or create displays at tea ceremonies.

The Morikami Museum, located in Palm Beach County in Florida, consists of two main buildings: a garden center and restaurant. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday each week, as of 2015, and closes on Mondays and holidays.