What Are Some Examples of Vintage Newspapers?

examples-vintage-newspapers Credit: Dave Crosby/CC-BY-2.0

Vintage newspapers represent an array of old-time newspapers, some of which present famous past events. Front pages featuring the assassination of Lincoln, the end of the World War II or the sinking of the Titanic are examples of valuable vintage newspapers.

Vintage newspapers are difficult to locate because they deteriorate rather quickly and, in many instances, are stored in environments that cause them to disintegrate or turn yellow. The Northern Echo's February 1913 edition is a good example of a highly sought-after newspaper that is rarely available. The first page covers the doomed expedition of South Pole explorer Robert Scott.

According to eyewitness to history.com, an Antarctic search party found the bodies of Captain Robert Scott and his two peers on the Nov. 12, 1912. The Captain and his companions had been deceased for over eight months at the time.

A vintage newspaper's value is based on what's featured on the front page. If the event is not a historically famous occurrence, the paper is known as an "atmosphere" paper. According to History Buff.com, newspapers are considered more valuable when they are near the geographic location of a significant historic event, are in good condition, can be displayed well or have charismatic appeal.