What Are Examples of Two Voice Poems?

Examples of two voice poems include "The Unquiet Grave," "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" and "Honeybees." Two voice poems are used to express arguments, opposing views or character viewpoints. The "Unquiet Grave" is written as a conversation between a man and the ghost of his wife.

The man sits at his wife's grave and asks her to return to him. The ghost of his wife replies that he must wait for God to call him away. The conversational two voice poem structure is common in the genre.

Another structural form is used in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats. The subject of the poem is an old knight who is about to die. The knight is reminiscing about a woman that he lost, while an observer watches from a hillside. The alternating lines between the knight and the observer, who is wondering what is ailing the old knight, reveals the knight's anguish over losing the young woman.

Finally, "Honeybees" by Paul Fleischman, uses a two column structure in order to reveal the differences between a worker bee and the queen bee. The lines of the poem jump from column to column to not only contrast the bees' lives, but to also symbolize the rapid pace with which these insects go about their work.