What Are Some Examples of Themes in Novels?


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There are many themes that are carried across novels with some of them being love, life and death, good versus evil and conflicts in family, states StudyGuide.org. Revenge is a theme common to novels as well, according to LiteraryDevices.net.

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StudyGuide.org lists love as the top theme across all of literature. It is universal in all cultures. The idea is that love conquers all and characters do whatever they can to gain love from another. Another top theme is death , which often plays a part in the plot of a story. For example, a character must face a trial where he must choose between life and death, he must defeat someone in order to live or someone close to him dies, leading him down a path he did not foresee before. The idea of good versus evil teaches readers that doing good usually results in positive outcomes while doing bad results in bad things happening.

Conflicts are common in all stories. Without them, there is no plot. However, conflicts among family is a specific type of theme in novels, according to StudyGuide.org. Trials, hardships and successes are all related to this common theme.

Revenge is a theme mentioned by LiteraryDevices.net and includes the idea that a character decides he needs revenge against someone for being wronged. While the outcome is often negative, sometimes the main character ends up being satisfied with having taken revenge.

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