What Are Some Examples of Songs Used in Commercials in 2014?


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Some songs that have been in commercials include "Ooh La La" by Goldfrapp, "Drifting Days" by Pocket Submarine, "Motherless Child" by Bob Dylan, "Dreamin' About the Future" by Will.i.am and "How You Get the Girl" by Taylor Swift. These songs were featured in commercials by many different companies during 2014.

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"Ooh La La" by the band Goldfrapp appeared in a commercial advertising the Apple iPhone 5s. A different Apple iPhone ad featured the song "Gigantic" by Pixies. "Drifting Days" by Pocket Submarine was featured in a commercial for Corona Extra over the summer of 2014. Originally recorded in 1962, Bob Dylan's classic "Motherless Child" was revived for use in a Jeep Cherokee commercial.

The young singer Taylor Swift appeared in a Diet Coke commercial during 2014. In the commercial, she was featured with kittens. The commercial played her own song "How You Get the Girl."

The luxury car dealer Lexus, during its Amazing in Motion campaign, featured an ad with a remix to Will.i.am's song "Dreamin' About the Future." The commercial features the new Lexus NX driving through a futuristic city. The vehicle passes by various landmarks including a screen of televisions and a night club. As people are leaving the nightclub, a gentleman pulls off his sunglasses to observe the vehicle.

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