How Do You Find Examples of a Short Biography?


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Many business and professional writing websites provide examples of short biographies, including Forbes.com, BioTemplates.com, and AbleStable.com. Websites that provide examples of short biographies often also include tips on creating an effective short biography.

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How Do You Find Examples of a Short Biography?
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Each website provides detailed information on creating a short biography and what to include in it. BioTemplates.com also provides templates to help guide users on writing a biography. Forbes.com includes detailed examples for each piece of a short biography, and it also provides examples of different ways in which to write a short biography. Websites do vary on what information is important to include and what the tone of the biography should be. Forbes.com encourages a friendly tone in a short biography, while AbleStable.com claims the biography should be written in a professional tone.

Short biographies include the highlights of the person’s professional expertise in as few words as possible. Short biographies should be written with the career goal and audience in mind, but they should also engage the reader. Short biography examples include information such as the person’s career experience, skills, and contact information. A sentence or two of personal information can be added to spark the reader’s interest and give the short biography a more personal tone.

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