What Are Some Examples of Religious Poems About Friends and Family?


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"For You My Friend," "Don't Know Where I'd Be" and "Dear Sweet Friend" are examples of religious poems about friendship. "The Legacy," "My Earthly Dad" and "God's Masterpiece is Mother" are examples of family poems.

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"For You My Friend" is a religious poem suitable for a close friend. The poem conveys wishes for the friend to have a wonderful life and enjoy God's love. "Don't Know Where I'd Be" is a celebration of how much the friend means to the poet. The poet expresses that the friend must be a gift from God and the angels.

"Dear Sweet Friend" is similar to both poems. The poet celebrates friendship while wishing the listener protection from God. "The Miracle of Friendship carries a similar theme, proclaiming that friendship is "God's most precious gift."

"The Legacy" by Alice Leedy Mason is about a mother teaching her children to have faith in God. The poem talks about the worldly riches the mother can't give, though she gives of herself while teaching the children about their faith.

"My Earthly Dad" by Mary Fairchild is a celebration of the poet's father. The poem states the love and courage of the father reflects God's love and protection. "God's Masterpiece is Mother" carries a similar theme in that the inner and outer beauty of a mother is proof that God exists.

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