What Are Some Examples of Programs for Special Events?

A special event program is a guide that an event organizer prepares for the event's attendees. The program contains pertinent information to orient attendees to the event. This information can include the title, date and location of the event, the schedule of the event, and brief descriptions of the event and the key people involved.

A special event program can be a single sheet of paper or a folded booklet with several pages, depending on the event and the amount of information that is useful for attendees. Event details such as the what, when, where and why are generally included at the top or front of the program. Next comes a schedule of the event, followed by additional information about the event and the featured players.

For example, wedding guests typically pick up a program booklet upon entering the wedding venue. The front cover features the couple's names, the date and location of the wedding, and possibly a photo of the couple. Inside is a brief description of the wedding party members and an itinerary of the ceremony, which can include information on special rituals that take place during the wedding.

A program for a special event such as a concert follows a similar format. The event's title, date and location appear at the top or front, depending on the program's format. The sequence of the performance is usually next, followed by information on the performer and the organization sponsoring or benefiting from the event. An image of the performer or one representing the organization may be included to personalize the program.