What Are Some Examples of Products Featured on the Cable Show "I Want That"?


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The cable show "I Want That" often features products for the home, such as the luxury Moxie shower head. Another example of a product for the home is the ReadyBright Wireless Power Outage Lighting System, which illuminates a room in the case of a power system failure.

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One of the most popular knickknacks featured on "I Want That" is the DropStop, a small piece of leather cushioning that blocks the small gap between a car seat and the console.

"I Want That" also promotes products from the technology industry. An example of such a product might be the Duracell Power Mat. This small charging mat allows consumers to charge their devices without having to deal with messy cables.

"I Want That" has also heavily promoted new products in the flooring industry. One of the most innovative products featured is the Clicklock Bamboo Flooring. This product makes installing attractive wood flooring easy enough for novices to install.

Some of the products featured on "I Want That" are aimed at fun. For instance, the PetPeek is a small bubble window meant to be installed into a fence so that a dog or cat can watch what is going on in a nearby yard.

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