What Are Some Examples of Poems Written About the Meaning of Family?


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Some examples of poems written about the meaning of family include "A Tribute to Family" by Michelle Moran, "What is Family?" by Edwina Reizer and "Riches" by Jeanne Rhein. These poems describe the special relationships between family members and how they positively affect individuals, particularly children.

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Other inspirational poems for families are "My Family," "Love My Family" and "Grateful," which are all posted at AnitaPoems.com. Family poems may also focus on certain aspects of family life, such as raising children and caring for elderly relatives, and the usual family events, such as Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas and reunions. For instance, Linda Pastan's "Home for Thanksgiving" expresses the melancholic side of Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, and "Crazy Show" from AnitaPoems.com discusses family reunions in a humorous way.

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