What Are Some Examples of Poems Written for Granddaughters?


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An example of a poem for a granddaughter is "I have a little Granddaughter, Who means the world to me, She is so lovely and so precious, And is as special as can be." There are thousands of poems written for granddaughters, many celebrating events like a birthday or Christmas.

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Birthday poems for granddaughters are popular. One of these is, "Happy birthday to a princess who we love to the moon and back, She is the fairy in our lives giving us everything that we lack. Her smile is like a magic wand, her hug is like a secret potion; Our lives have become celestial because of all the magic she has spun. Happy birthday."

A poem written to show love for a granddaughter is, "A Granddaughter is someone to think about always, for thoughts of her bring warmth and cheer, A Granddaughter is someone to thank so much always

For being so special all year, A Granddaughter is someone to care about always, and wish worlds of happiness to, A Granddaughter is someone to love so much always, that is, if she's someone like you. Lots of love from Nan and Grandad." The signature at the end of the poem can be changed to include "Happy Birthday," "Merry Christmas," or a similar sentiment.

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