What Are Some Examples of Poems Written for Deceased Fathers From Their Daughters?


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Examples of poems written for deceased fathers from their daughters include "Wish You Were Here" and "Goodbye to My Dad." In both poems, the writers talk about the pain of their fathers' deaths and express their love and admiration for their fathers.

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In "Wish You Were Here," Diana Doyle discusses the agony of her father's passing three months prior. She says that even though time passed since her father's death, she still misses her father very much. Doyle talks about her father's positive qualities, and she says that her father's spirit is "like a rock." She questions her life's worth now that her father is gone.

Written by Debra Marie Stratton-VanBuskirk, "Goodbye to My Dad" talks about the father's passing a few months prior. The writer says that the pain of her father's death is still fresh. She says that she misses her father a great deal but that she knows that her father is in heaven.

Further into the poem, Stratton-VanBuskirk writes that she looks forward to the day that she sees her father again. When she misses her father, she can pray. She states that she continues to love her father even though he is gone. She tells her father he can whisper to her and lovingly watch her from above.

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