What Are Some Examples of Pashto Music?


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Khyber.org lists a variety of Pashto songs, including Kamal Mahsud's "Janan Waziristan," Hayat Gardezi's "Katwaz Group Atanrh", and Ahmad Khan's "Tappi Collection". Other artists include Nazir o Malgari, Gulzar Alam, Ustad Khyal Muhammad and Khan Qarabaghi.

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Pashto is a type of music which is popular in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. Genres include Tappa, Charbeta, Neemakai, Loba, Shaan, Badala and Rubayi. The oldest and most popular of these genres is Tappa. Most Pashto songs are epic poems which tell a story, and there are different types of Pashto music performed at various events; for example, Shaan is a celebratory ballad, sung during happy events such as a wedding or the birth of a child. There are also traditional Pashtun dances that correspond with the music.

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