What Are Some Examples of Newlywed Game Questions?

What Are Some Examples of Newlywed Game Questions?

Some examples of newlywed game questions are "Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning" and "What is the oddest location you've ever shared a kiss?" Other questions include asking which celebrity the partner most admires and asking in what way each partner is most unlike the other. Questions ask about preferences, shared experiences and personal characteristics.

In the newlywed game, one partner leaves the stage while the other writes down answers to questions. When the partner return to the stage, she hears the questions and attempts to give the same answers that the partner gave. If the person correctly guesses her partner's answer, the couple receives points. The game ends when one couple receives a certain number of points or the winner is the couple with the most points at the game's end.

Questions typically probe what partners know about each other in multiple facets of married life. Questions include romantic gestures such as when the husband most recently brought the wife flowers or details of the couple's first date. Couples might also try to identify a type of candy that resembles their first kiss. A funny question might include asking the couple about the biggest blunder at the wedding.

Other questions include personal characteristics such as identifying the ideal quality in a husband or wife. The game might ask couples to identify the topic of their last argument. Other questions might include guessing a location for the partner's dream vacation.

Couples could identify their own or their partner's greatest strength or who is the better driver. Other favorites could include guessing the partner's favorite color, food or the last book that the partner read. In addition, each couple might identify which partner does more of the housework.