What Are Some Examples of Nephew Tommy Prank Calls?

What Are Some Examples of Nephew Tommy Prank Calls?

"Yo Wife Tina is My Brother Tim," "Child Support" and "Snitchin'" are examples of Nephew Tommy prank calls. Nephew Tommy is a character from the Steve Harvey morning show and the creation of actor/comedian Thomas Miles.

In "Yo Wife Tina is My Brother Tim," Miles telephones a man and asks if his wife is named Tina. The man says yes, and Miles asks a number of questions about scars that Tina has. He then acts distraught, telling the man that Tina is his missing brother, Tim. Miles allows the man to get very upset before telling him he's been pranked by Nephew Tommy.

In "Child Support," Miles telephones Melvin Colbert and represents himself as a child support agent. He tells Colbert that records indicate he has not paid child support in over a year. Colbert tells Miles that the payments are taken directly out of his pay checks and that they need to check the records. Miles tells Colbert that since the payments have not been made, the child support needs to be extended for three years. Miles keeps arguing with Colbert before finally telling him the call is a Nephew Tommy prank.

In "Snitchin," Miles calls someone named Boogie and claims he is K.B., Marcus' brother. He wants to know how Boogie got out of jail before Marcus when they were arrested on the same day. He then accuses Boogie of snitching. Boogie says the reason he got out is because he used all of his money to get himself out of jail so he could go to work. Once Boogie is completely upset, Miles tells him the call is from Nephew Tommy.

Every Nephew Tommy call ends with Miles asking the prank victim what the baddest radio show is.