What Are Some Examples of Nepali Tihar Songs?


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"Bhailini" and "Deusi" are two traditional song types for the Nepali festival of Tihar. Girls sing the "Bhailini" song, while boys sing the "Deusi" song.

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The Tihar festival runs for five days in Nepal. On the evening of the third day, girls sing the "Bhailini" songs, also known as "Bhailo." A group of girls walks around the neighborhood, stopping door to door to sing the song and give blessings to the family. In return, families gift them with money or homemade treats. This is the only day of the year on which girls sing "Bhailini" songs.

On the fourth day of the festival, boys sing "Deusi" songs, also known as "Deusuray." "Deusi" songs can be about any subject as long as each line ends with the word "Deusi" or "Deusuray." Neighborhood boys collect together musical instruments and stroll door to door singing. They bless the home and family, who in turn gift the boys with money or refreshments.

The Tihar festival is a celebration of the special bond between brothers and sisters. During the Tihar festival, radio stations play only "Bhailini" and "Deusi" songs or other folk songs about brothers and sisters, especially those unable to be together. For example, a servant woman might sing a song about her sorrow on being separated from her brother during the festival.

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