What Are Some Examples of Inspirational Stories?

Inspiration stories generally include tales of random acts of kindness, individuals overcoming disparity, people rising to success in their fields, and the scientific developments and discoveries that continue to shape the human experience. Inspirational stories motivate people to make a positive change in their lives, in their communities or in the world. These stories can be fiction or nonfiction.

Upworthy.com features a section of current inspirational stories that appeal to a wide range of readers. Some of these stories describe heart-warming acts, such as a bride who asked guests to give kindness instead of gifts, as well as inspiring group collaborations, such as a group of volunteers who collected and delivered baby carriers and donations for struggling refugee parents. Other stories tell of those who have overcome great hardship, such as a teen who lives with the scars of an acid attack while fighting for change, in addition to the newest innovations, such as a website that uses an algorithm to match human personalities to the perfect adoptable dogs.

The inspirational stories featured on Upworthy.com are derived from a variety of sources, almost all of which are nonfiction. Often the stories come from average observers, professional writers and film, television and radio outlets. For example, a number of inspirational stories on the Upworthy website were originally reported through popular news sources, such as a story from TheGuardian.com describing George Clooney's visit to a Scottish sandwich shop that donates all profits to the homeless.