What Are Examples of a Humorous Choral Poems?

"The Frog on a Log" is a good example of a humorous choral poem. Sandra Jensen uses it in a class exercise on choral speaking in a California State University Chico article. Such poems are humorous because of their rhyming, their rhythm and their easy-to-picture visuals; choral poems are even more fun because they are read by a group.

For children and adults, choral poetry adds a fun element to listening to poetry. Children learn pacing and build reading comprehension. Adults enjoy the humor and drama. The self-conscious reader feels less nervous and receives instant support, according to Readingrockets . Choral poetry is especially fun when the performance adds music, costumes or action to the poetry readings. "Billy Boy" (English nursery rhyme) and "The Aged Pilot Man" by Mark Twain are examples of humorous choral poems listed by Teacherneedhelp .