What Are Some Examples of Greek Mythology in American Advertising?

Greek mythology is used in the logos and even the names of many businesses and corporations. For example, Nike's company name comes from the Greek goddess of victory. Another well-known company name inspired by Greek mythology is the music streaming service Pandora.

Businesses often use Greek myths and characters that inspire similar feelings and values as their brands. It makes sense to name an athletic shoe company after a goddess of victory. This idea of victory brings to mind championships, rivals and, of course, winning, which are all concepts Nike wants to bring to mind in potential consumers.

The Greek myth of Pandora's Box involved a woman named Pandora opening a mysterious chest. Upon opening it, she unleashes evil but also finds hope within the box. Pandora music streaming wants to bring to mind that same feeling. When each new song plays on Pandora, you don't know if you are going to get a song you love or hate. While not as extreme as the original Pandora's Box, Pandora as a music streaming service is like opening a mystery box each time the "skip" button is clicked.

There are many other examples in marketing, but Nike and Pandora are some of the most well-known examples.