What Are Some Examples of Good '70s Music?


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Some examples of good '70s music include hard-driving rock and roll hits from groups such as The Rolling Stones and Grand Funk Railroad, catchy pop tunes from performers such as Elton John and Barry Manilow, and subtler soft rock from artists such as Chicago and Carole King. The decade also ushered in fresh genres: new wave, typified by groups such as the B52's and Talking Heads, and punk rock, exemplified by bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Ramones.

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The Rolling Stones scored number-one '70s hits with suggestively sexy and romantic rock songs such as "Brown Sugar" and "Angie." Grand Funk Railroad's chart-toppers from the era include the rhythmic, self-referential hit "We're an American Band" and dynamic dance-centric tune "The Loco-Motion."

Powerhouse performer Elton John dominated the decade with a succession of toe-tapping hits, including "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Philadelphia Freedom" and "Crocodile Rock." Barry Manilow followed a similar trajectory with his memorable melodies; "Mandy" celebrates a sought-after female, "Looks Like We Made It" is an anthem of personal achievement and "I Write the Songs" is Manilow's autobiographical ode to himself. The group Chicago had a soft rock hit with "If You Leave Me Now," a cautionary tune about love and loss, and Carole King struck a chord with "It's Too Late," a lamentation of ruined relationships unable to be repaired.

Sarcastic new wave newcomers The B52's made a splash with their discordant "Rock Lobster," and the amiably avant garde Talking Heads cautioned music fans about a "Psycho Killer." Meanwhile, punk upstarts The Sex Pistols spat out aggressive establishment critiques such as "Anarchy in the UK" and "God Save the Queen," while the Ramones hit hard and fast with "Blitzkrieg Bop" and other similarly short, strident songs.

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