What Are Some Examples of Funny Fables With Morals?

Funny fables with morals include "The Gnat and the Bull," "Belling the Cat" and "The Fox and the Goat." Each story is one of Aesop's fables.

"The Gnat and the Bull" is about a gnat that lands on a bull's horn. Before leaving, it asks if the bull wants it to go. The bull tells that gnat that it didn't know the gnat was there, and therefore it isn't going to miss the gnat. The moral of the story is that many view themselves as being more important than others do.

"Belling the Cat" is about a group of mice that are trying to find a way to outsmart a cat. One young mouse recommends tying a ribbon with a bell attached around the cat's neck, so the mice can hear when the cat approaches. All the mice are happy with this solution, until an old mouse asks who is going to put the bell on the cat. The story's moral is that impossible solutions are easy to suggest.

"The Fox and the Goat" begins with a fox trapped in a well. The fox tricks a goat into jumping into the well by talking about how good the water tastes. With both animals trapped, the fox convinces the goat to let it stand on the goat's shoulders and escape, after which the fox can help the goat. The fox doesn't help the goat and tells it that it should have considered how to get out before jumping into the well. The story's moral is "look before you leap."