What Are Some Examples of Football Music?


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The best examples of football music are fight songs heard, played and sung before, during and after almost all football games, ranging from high school games through the professional level. Some teams at the professional level have taken on specific versions of pop songs instead of fight songs, but fight songs are likely better for increasing crowd enthusiasm.

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What Are Some Examples of Football Music?
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The best-known fight songs are those attached to particular colleges and universities, such as "The Victors" at the University of Michigan, the Notre Dame "Victory March," "Boomer Sooner" at the University of Oklahoma and "Fight On" at the University of Southern California. The tunes and sometimes the words are often transferred to high schools for their use. Some fight songs, such as "The Victors," do not refer directly to football, while others, such as the Notre Dame "Victory March," refer to football or its players. In the former case, there may be alternative songs at the schools that refer to football. The song at the University of Michigan that does so is called "Varsity".

Fight songs for NFL teams are typically written for the teams with some level of orchestration in the recording played after scores. As of 2015, the New Orleans Saints use the song "When the Saints Go Marching In" as its fight song, and not all NFL teams have fight songs with words.

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