What Are Some Examples of Fantasy Last Names?

examples-fantasy-last-names Credit: Lance Neilson/CC-BY-2.0

Examples of fantasy last names are Dragonhilt, Screamlock, Shadeworm or Banewind. Surnames can be race-specific, such as Dwarven names like Bristlehorn, Boulderforge and Coalback. For names with a medieval tone, choose names like Rotbertus, Hermannus or Guillemot. Diabolical characters can have surnames like Denholm, Darkmore or Gnash.

Building a great fantasy name makes the character stand out. When the name is created, it needs to be spoken aloud a few times to hear how it sounds. The name should be easy to pronounce; having a surname for a fantasy character avoids the overused one-word hero name.

Surnames that tell too much about the character should also be avoided; names like Worldkiller, Savior or Goldstealer are not ideal, unless they are intended to bring specific flavor to characters. Avoid unusual punctuation that makes pronunciation challenging, notes writer Val Kovalin. Examples include Tol'gani or Ba'shiksa.

Using existing surnames can work with fantasy characters, especially names that have some history behind them. Examples of these names would come from ancient royal families, Greek mythology or the legends of Roman antiquity. It is not uncommon to take an existing surname and tweak it to give a fantasy twist; Julius Caesar becomes Jolian Saazar or George Washington becomes Gregor Whittlecog.