What Are Some Examples of a Facade?

What Are Some Examples of a Facade?

TrendHunter.com shows many different examples of facades, such as a cabin in the shape of a fluffy cloud. Another facade is related to pop art, such as that scene on the Hotel Arc del Teatre. Patterned buildings offer another example of a facade that sets buildings apart.

The cloud-shaped facade on a cabin is contoured with semi-circle sides so it appears to look like a cumulus cloud. This particular facade is on a building called Le Nuage Urban Refuge.

The Hotel Arc del Teatre's facade is created in such a way that depending on the time of the day and where the sun is located, the pop art has differing looks. This facade sets the hotel apart from all of its neighbors.

Whether patterns include horizontal stripes in alternating colors, squares of color, the usage of different metals or varying geometric shapes, these facades draw the eye in even when the building's shape is standard.

DecoJournal.com includes examples of architectural facades that mimic natural elements such as water. For instance, Chicago’s Aqua Tower is designed to look like waves.

Pacific Design Center’s Red Building, located in West Hollywood, is an example of a facade that uses both color and patterns, as the building is bright red with alternating black windows in horizontal lines.