What Are Some Examples of Dragonfly Fantasy Art?

What Are Some Examples of Dragonfly Fantasy Art?

Examples of dragonfly fantasy art include "I Found You" by Edgar Gómez, "Dragonfly Dragon" by mayan-art, "Flora and the Dragonfly" by Morgainelefee, "Mountain Fairy" by Alexandra Cook and "Crocodile Dragonfly" by Olivia Howell. Dragonfly fantasy artwork often depicts dragonflies in fantasy surroundings, as well as fairies and other creatures with dragonfly wings. Fantasy artists also often re-imagine dragonflies as actual dragons with dragonfly-inspired details.

Edgar Gómez's "I Found You" depicts a vivid dragonfly landing on the head of a floating jellyfish. Portrayed in radiant purple and teal tones against a dark background, the digital illustration includes glowing orbs and a striking use of light within a minimal color palette.

DeviantArt user mayan-art's "Dragonfly Dragon" imagines the dragonfly as an iguana-like lizard with delicate wings and crystal spikes. The 2013 piece employs a palette of delicate greens and blues. Also on DeviantArt, Morgainelefee's "Flora and the Dragonfly" depicts a tiny dragon with dragonfly wings encountering a fairy-like redheaded woman adorned with flowers. The artist credits the work of artists Bente Schlick and Linda Bergkvist as inspiration for the piece.

Alexandra Cook's "Mountain Fairy" portrays a fairy with dragonfly wings against a minimalist background of blue mountain peaks. Cook notes that she likes to create images reminiscent of lost book illustrations, and she invites the viewer to imagine the stories surrounding her pieces.

In her "Crocodile Dragonfly," Olivia Howell portrays the dragonfly as a winged crocodile hovering near a flower. The artist sells prints of the watercolor-and-pen piece.