What Are Some Examples of Comic Book Hero Names?


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Some notable comic book hero names are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Other comic book hero names include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

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Some of the most notable examples of comic book heroes are characters created by DC Comics. Superman, the first superhero ever created, is perhaps one of the most famous, as well as his allies, such as Superboy and Supergirl. Batman, also created by DC Comics, is very well known, as are Robin, his sidekick, and Nightwing, his ally. Other heroes associated with Batman include Batgirl, Catwoman and Jim Gordon. DC Comics has also created many other heroes, such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Arrow.

Due to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some of the Marvel heroes are renowned. Superheroes in these movies include Iron Man, the alias of Tony Stark, and Captain America, the alias of Steve Rogers. Most other Marvel superheroes are also often known by their real names in addition to their hero names, such as Hulk, the alter-ego of Bruce Banner, and Spider-Man, the alias of Peter Parker. Other particularly illustrious Marvel superheroes are members of the X-Men, such as Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Cyclops and Storm.

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