What Are Some Examples of Christian Poetry?


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Some examples of Christian poetry are Psalm 23 and "Help Me Forgive." Another example of a Christian poem that talks about the ideals of Christian living and human imperfection is "A Perfect Christian."

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Psalm 23 is a Christian poem found directly in the Bible. The poem encourages Christians to find peace and contentment because God provides a Christian with all that she needs in life. Even in difficult times, when a Christian finds herself in "the valley of the shadow of death," God's provides comfort and restoration.

"Help Me Forgive" references the books of Colossians, Romans and Ephesians. The writer says that fury often enters her heart but that the Bible offers advice to overcome anger. Romans discusses God's love for each person. The author writes that, in Colossions, God offers peace, and Ephesians implores each person to forgive others. The poem ends with a prayer that the person might let go of anger and blame and forgive others.

In "A Perfect Christian," author Joanna Fuchs writes that a perfect Christian never sins. The perfect Christian forgives others and lifts others up with encouragement. However, humans aren't perfect, Fuchs writes, so people should pray and ask God for strength.

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