What Are Some Examples of Amish Artwork?

What Are Some Examples of Amish Artwork?

Examples of Amish artwork include intricate quilts, embroidered linens and wooden furniture. Although most Amish art has a functional purpose as well as an artistic one, there are also some Amish painters.

The guiding principles of the Amish faith make many Amish people avoid purely decorative items, such as paintings. They see them as frivolous or vain, when they strive for humility. However, other branches are less strict. Amish painters often focus on landscapes, although some do portraits.

Amish quilts have a distinctive style that sets them apart from most other quilts. One of the most noticeable aspects is their rich, bright colors. They also tend to use larger pieces instead of small patchwork designs. The fabric typically does not contain a pattern, and the designs tend to be abstract.

Amish needlework tends to use natural themes that reflect the group's close association with nature. They may use floral or leafy designs, or embroider small animals, such as birds.

Their furniture tends to be high-quality and features simple lines and design. Despite the simplicity, Amish woodworking is known for the skill that goes into it and the beauty of the pieces.

Hex signs, the small geometric paintings on barns, are sometimes incorrectly associated with the Amish. Although they were created by other branches of the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Amish do not typically use them.