What Are Examples of Adult Christmas Poems?


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"Forced Entry" by Paul Curtis and "Is He or Isn't He" by Patrick Winstanley are two examples of adult Christmas poems. Adult Christmas poems are often satirical in nature; they are meant to poke fun at the season, frequently targeting religious, sentimental and commercial values.

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"Forced Entry" describes the burglarizing of an advent calendar. It is humorous because the term "forced entry" is typically used to describe a home invasion, something far more serious in terms of criminality. The poem is geared for adult sensibilities because most children are genuinely upset when they have small items such as candy taken from them; they are not likely to understand Curtis' intended satire.

"Is He or Isn't He" describes Santa Claus as he is traditionally portrayed: "Big bushy beard / An ill-judged suit / Bulging belly / A sack of loot." The speaker then asks if Santa is an American. Winstanley's humor resides in the fact that Santa is the type of character who only appears normal during the holidays. Cast in a different scenario, onlookers might suspect that his "sack of loot" means something nefarious. The poem also makes light of American xenophobia, suggesting that criminal elements exist only in foreign countries.

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