What Is an Example of Farce Poetry?

example-farce-poetry Credit: ZoneCreative/E+/Getty Images

One of the greatest examples of farce poetry is "Don Juan" by Lord Byron. Farce poetry is marked by over-exaggeration of either characters or plot in developing a point that is often mocking in nature.

Farce poetry is typically comical and often reads as what is classified in contemporary terms as tongue-in-cheek. It is not always comical, however. It can sometimes be dramatic to the point of melodrama in order to prove a point about the silliness or ridiculousness of the subject. "Don Juan" is a very good example of farce poetry because it is clear from the first words of the poem that Byron is mocking a fellow poet for using his charms to find favor with powers that be in order to make up for what Byron perceives as his lack of legitimate writing talent.