What Is an Example of a Construction Proposal?


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A professional construction proposal specifies the scope of the work the contractor agrees to complete, communicates the total cost and articulates a payment schedule. The construction proposal documents the entire agreement between the contractor and the client, according to A Concord Carpenter.

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The contractor owns the responsibility for compliance with local and state contract laws and construction codes, such as obtaining required building permits, according to A Concord Carpenter The construction proposal, once signed and dated by the contractor and the client, becomes a binding contract.

The cost summary specifies the cost to the client for labor, materials and equipment, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. The contract limits the contractor to the agreed upon total cost, notes A Concord Carpenter. Over-budget expenses that arise due to the contractor's errors in cost calculations cannot be charged to the client.

Before presenting the construction proposal to the client, contractors should consider paying a lawyer to review it for compliance with local and state construction codes and contract laws, which helps ensure protection for the contractor as well as the client, according to A Concord Carpenter. To add a professional touch, the contractor should print the final document on letterhead stationary, notes the Houston Chronicle.

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