What Events Are at the Rhode Island National Guard Air Show?

What Events Are at the Rhode Island National Guard Air Show?

The events at the Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show vary from year to year, but in 2015 the show featured C-130 Hercules transports, Blackhawk helicopters, the Geico Skytypers and the Blue Angels. While the Blue Angels typically trade off with the Thunderbirds from year to year, they headlined the show in both 2014 and 2015.

The air show takes place annually at the end of May at the Quonset State Airport in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. It is one of the premier shows in the New England area.

Most years, the display program begins with a jump team. However, New England air show regular Sean Tucker opened the show in 2015 with an aerobatic routine flown in his Oracle Challenger III biplane. After Tucker, a number of C-130J Hercules transports from the 143rd Air Wing and four UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters gave a short demonstration.

The next major act of the show was the Breitling Jet Team from France, a team of six L-39s. The Geico Skytypers followed the Frenchmen, taking up their T-6 Texans and performing WWII maneuvers. The Canadian Snowbirds also performed.

After these aerobatic displays, the air show displayed various military aircraft. Most noteworthy was the Air Combat Command’s F-16 Viper Demo, considered a rare act. The Royal Canadian Air Force’s CF-18 Hornet Demo followed shortly thereafter, and the event concluded with the U.S. Navy's demonstration involving the Blue Angels and Fat Albert.