What Are Some Events Held During the Annual Women's Day Program?

What Are Some Events Held During the Annual Women's Day Program?

Events held during the annual Women's Day program vary between countries and years but can include film screenings, women-only events, awareness talks and banquets as of 2015. On Women's Day, some businesses choose to offer women-only services -- for example, charity golf challenges, exclusive discounts at shops and parties.

Film screenings and talks are common, and they focus on the challenges women face around the world. In 2015 in the United States, some of the talks included data that pertains to women's empowerment, films about the dangers of childbirth in developing countries, bridging the gender gaps in different professions and how women can become involved in the solar energy industry.

Both men and women can attend banquets and similar events held on this day. Such events aim to raise money for charities that focus on the challenges women face worldwide. Organizations such as universities may also choose to hold events.

On the days surrounding March 8, 2015, the official date recognized worldwide, the University of San Diego hosted quiz nights, invited guest speakers to talk to students, held sports events such as the Color Run and organized spoken word nights.

Sometimes, businesses participate by hosting events or focusing their marketing campaigns on raising awareness. For example, BP uses the day to focus on the roles women play in its business worldwide, as well as highlighting its recruitment events throughout the year.