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The four-part "Inheritance Cycle" book series, which begins with the book "Eragon," follows the story of Eragon, a poor farm boy who finds a sapphire stone that he is surprised to discover is actually a dragon egg. When the egg hatches, the dragon, Saphira, bonds with the boy, and in a series of fated events, Eragon becomes a Dragon Rider and fights in the battle to overthrow the evil King Galbatorix.

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The first novel in the "Inheritance Cycle" series is "Eragon," which introduces the main character and his average, feudal life in Carvahall. Everything changes when he finds the dragon egg and begins to study the legends, magic and sword fighting of the Dragon Riders. As conflict arises under the reign of King Galbatorix, Eragon and Saphira gain knowledge and experience to help them fight for the rebel cause.

The second novel "Eldest" picks up after Eragon and Saphira win a battle to protect the rebel state, but the war is far from over. To prepare for their next clash with the tyrant king, Eragon and his dragon travel to Ellesmara, the home of the elves, who teach Eragon more about how to use magic and swordsmanship to become a powerful Dragon Rider. Meanwhile, Eragon's friends and family in Carvahall struggle against the king.

The third and fourth novels in the "Inheritance Cycle" series continue the build-up to Eragon and Saphira's final confrontation with King Galbatorix. "Brisingr," the third novel, gets its name from the word "fire" in the ancient language used by the Dragon Riders, and the book lives up to the title as Eragon and Saphira lend their strength and skills to help humans, elves and dwarves overcome the king. The final book "Inheritance" brings Eragon and Galbatorix together for their climactic combat, testing the farm boy's new found abilities.

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