What Episodes of "Sister Wives" Show Kody Brown's Occupation?

The premiere episode of "Sister Wives" suggests that Kody Brown was involved in some form of Internet advertising sales. Throughout the series, however, he has been extremely vague about his occupation.

In 2005, Kody and his first wife Meri filed jointly for bankruptcy. The official documents listed Kody's monthly income as $3,948.

Prior to the joint bankruptcy claim, Kody's second wife Janelle had also filed for bankruptcy. Her monthly income was listed as $388.

Additionally, Christine Brown filed for bankruptcy in March of 2010. Her monthly income was listed as $2,311.32.

As of 2015, it is assumed that Kody makes a living from the filming of "Sister Wives" and the family's joint jewelry venture, My Sisterwives' Closet.