Which Episodes of Judge Judy Are Most Popular?

The "Judge Judy" episode from 2010 that features a fabricated case about a defendant getting drunk and breaking a plaintiff's two televisions, one of which the plaintiff claims fell on and killed her cat, is a popular episode. The four people involved in the case fabricated the story without the knowledge or aid of Judge Judy or her production crew.

After the episode was made, Jonathan Coward, the defendant in the fabricated case, admitted that he and his friend fabricated the case to get on the show, which pays for its guests' airfare to California to tape the show, their hotel accommodations once they arrive and any claim amount they are awarded during judgement. In the episode, the plaintiff, Kate, sues her real-life friend Jonathan for breaking her televisions and killing her cat, Trip, in the process. Judge Judy rules in Kate's favor and awards her money.

"Judge Judy" first aired in 1996. It is the top-rated show on daytime television, as of 2015. The show is scheduled to continue at least until 2020, at the completion of its 24th season. Judge Judy is famous for her tough approach to arbitration, humorously pointing out the follies of her guests and chastising them for their bad behavior.