Who Else Is Really Into Jackie Collins Books?

Who Else Is Really Into Jackie Collins Books?

Jackie Collins, a British novelist who is known for steamy, Hollywood-based romance novels, stated in an interview that her fans begin reading her books at age 15 and the rest of their families become fans too. Collins' novels often contain sex, lies, scandals and corruption.

Jackie Collins is the author of 32 books, mostly romance novels, as of 2014. Her first title, "The World Is Full of Married Men," was published in 1968 and was banned in several countries, while becoming a bestseller in others. Her second title, "The Stud," published one year later, was also a bestseller. In the 1970s, she began setting her novels in the United States, and in the 1980s, she and her family moved to Los Angeles.

Romance novels are targeted predominantly toward adult women, although their readers represent a wide demographic, and Collins' fans are no different. Her books are full of love affairs, adultery, scheming characters and gangsters, so anyone intrigued by dramatic, romantic story lines could be hooked by one of her plots.

One series follows the exploits of Lucky Santangelo, a recurring protagonist, while another series is about the character Madison Castelli. Collins also wrote the "Hollywood" series, comprising titles such as "Hollywood Wives" and "Hollywood Husbands." In addition, Collins has written and co-written screenplays for the movie versions of her books, some of which star her sister, actress Joan Collins.

According to Collins' official website, her books are sold in more than 40 countries, which gives her a worldwide fan base.