How Do You Do the Electric Slide Dance?


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Complete the Electric Slide by initiating a series of steps, taps and turns. The dance involves a song that calls out the various steps in proper order.

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To begin the dance, complete four grapevines by taking a step to the right. Place the right foot out to the side, and then swing the left foot around the right foot before placing the right foot back out to the side and then tapping both feet together. Next, complete four grapevines to the left by reversing the roles of the feet in the first grapevine.

The next section of the dance requires the dancer to take three steps backwards and then tap both feet next to each other. After taking three steps backwards, take a half-step forward with the left foot, and then bring the right foot forward, tapping the toes of the right foot with the heel of the left foot. Take a half-step backwards with the right foot and then repeat the process with reversed feet roles or take three steps forwards.

Finally, do a quarter turn in the direction that the music demands by taking a half-step forwards and then pivoting in the proper direction. After completing the quarter turn, do a grapevine, and repeat the whole dance until the music stops.

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