What Are the Eight Divine Stages of Unity Detailed in the "Twin Flame Reunion" Book?


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The eight divine stages of unity detailed in the "Twin Flame Reunion Mastery" course book are Preparation, Recognition, Testing, Crisis, Running, Surrendering, Illumination and Reunion. These divine stages are part of a couples counseling and guidance program called Twin Flame Reunion that aims to provide insights for couples going through rough patches in their marriages or relationships. The program was created by a spiritual psychic and features an instructive e-book and online teaching archives.

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The first divine stage of unity is Preparation, which is the period of relationship failures and heartache before one meets one's "twin flame." The next two stages are Recognition, wherein the "twin flames" meet one another and begin courting, and Testing, wherein the two people who have entered into the relationship begin to let their rational egos interfere with the new relationship.

Crisis and Running are the next stages, and they involve a conscious decision by one partner to pull away and attempt to end the relationship for fear that the ego, and therefore the self, is being subsumed by the strong new connection. In the Surrendering stage, both partners accept the validity of the relationship and willingly surrender themselves to God's will and judgement. This stage is quickly followed by Illumination and Reunion, wherein both partners can harmonize with one another and accept the place of the blissful new love in their lives.

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