What Are Some Egyptian Movies You Can Watch for Free?


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“El Ragol El Ghamed Besalamto,” “El Dictator,” “Gai Fel Saree,” “El Dada Doody” and “Ded El Hokoma” are some Egyptian movies that are available for free viewing online. The YouTube channel Aflam, created by Google, is an Egyptian cinema archive. It has a large collection of Egyptian movies that are available for free viewing. The movies are sorted based on numerous factors, including actors, actresses, genres and decades of production.

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“El Ragol El Ghamed Besalamto” is a 2010 comedy-drama film directed by Mohsen Ahmed. The film stars Hany Ramzi, Youssef Dawood, Marwa Hussein and Nelly Karim in prominent roles. The movie revolves around a young employee in a private business. The plot centers on how he tackles social issues by writing anonymous letters to official organizations. Access to bread and unemployment are some issues that the main character tackles in the movie.

Directed by Ehab Lamei, “El Dictator” addresses the topic of dictatorships and military coups in a comical way. The 94-minute satirical film is produced by Hany William. The movie tries to show that whether dictatorship is inherited or established by military coup, it is the common population that inevitably suffers.

“Gai Fel Saree” is a 2005 comedy film directed by Gamal Kasim. It stars Riham Abdel Ghafour, Mohammed Abdelnaby and Karim Abdelaziz in prominent roles.

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