How Does Edwards Theaters Accommodate the Hearing Impaired?


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Patrons of Edwards' Theater are equipped with a set of specially designed glasses, which provide closed captioning in the lenses, as well as headphones that offer detailed audio for those who struggle to understand the visuals, according to The Verge. Edwards' Theaters, located in California, Idaho and Texas, are a part of the Regal Entertainment Group, which offers the Sony Entertainment Access System for hearing and visually impaired moviegoers.

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As of 2013, Regal Entertainment Group had made the Sony Entertainment Access System technology available to almost 6,000 screens in over 400 theaters across the United Sates. The system allows for a personalized experience, including closed captioning and audio aid, which eliminates the need to offer separate screens for both the hearing and visually impaired. The glasses and headphones make up a light-weight, wireless device that are also available for 3D movies.

This technological advancement is a major feat in creating an inclusive and accommodating movie-viewing environment for all. Much of the widespread success of the technology can be attributed to Regal Entertainment Executive, Raymond Smith Jr., heavily pushing for the development of the alternative viewing experience; his son, who is deaf, played an instrumental role in testing the prototypes as they emerged.

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