What Are Some Eco-Friendly CD Packaging Kits?

The Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint DigiPak and Disc Makers Eco-Wallet are eco-friendly CD packaging options. The Atomic Eco-Pack and GrooveHouse Green Sleeves are other environmentally responsible choices.

The Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint DigiPak is an all-inclusive CD packaging option. It includes CDs printed with custom graphics, a CD tray made from recycled plastic and color printing on the interior and exterior of the CD case. Orders of at least 300 units qualify for free poly wrap and promotional tools as of 2015.

The Disc Makers Eco-Wallet is a plastic-free CD package made from recycled materials and natural inks. All Eco-Wallet packages include CD graphics and the customer's choice of a glossy or matte wallet exterior.